To expand on my platform…

While staying fiscally responsible …
The reality is that our school district needs to work within our means. The current staff and board do a good job of managing the funds and I will help keep that legacy going.

Continue to hire and keep quality teachers and staff.
It is a cliche but still true that people are our greatest asset. To have a great school system is more than just teachers. They are the front line staff who touch the student’s lives the most. However, those teachers need support as well. Not just from administrators but also from in class aides, special needs counselors and even building and grounds.

I want to work to make sure that all our staff have what they need to do their job and that they want to make the Pierre School district their career choice.

Strongly support providing programs for students who need help learning.
There are students in our schools who need extra help to learn. It might be a single semester of special tutoring or speech therapy. Or it might be 13 years of services. I strongly believe that we should work to provide those programs. The extra help we offer a student can make the difference for their life time.

Provide opportunities through sports, music, the arts and advanced programs for students to enjoy school.
For many kids the best part of school are the things outside of the classic “three Rs” of Reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. Programs like music help our kids to become more well rounded. Sports programs can help kids literally learn the importance of team work.

As a school district we should continue those. And where possible expand into other areas for children who aren’t into music or sports.

Get the community even more engaged to support and build our schools as changes come to rules and funding.
The last 15 years have seen numerous changes. “No Child Left Behind”, “Every Student Succeeds Act” and “Common Core”. Along with changes in rules changes in funding are being discussed. In the 2015-2016 school year the District received $1.2 million in federal funds. While about 5% of the general fund they were 16% of the special education budget. Several of the programs are slated for funding cuts or elimination.

I believe that our community can handle any changes that come. But we will need to work together to do that.

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